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The Innovation Show

The Innovation Show, a weekly show sharing ideas on innovation, change, disruption, transformation and the future of society.

Feb 10, 2024


In episode 502 of the Innovation Show, host Aidan McCullen delves into the crucial insights from Part 3 of Mike Beer's "Fit to Compete," shedding light on the silent killers that undermine strategy execution. With Beer's expertise, the episode explores how organizations can recognize and immunize themselves against these systemic issues, featuring in-depth discussion on unclear strategies, ineffective senior teams, and the lack of vertical communication. Drawing on real-world examples, such as the challenges faced by Hewlett Packard's Santa Rosa Systems Division, the dialogue illuminates the path to organizational alignment and agility. This episode is a must-listen for leaders and HR professionals eager to foster a culture of honesty and continuous improvement, ensuring their company's strategy is not only heard but effectively executed.


That article: The Great Training Robbery
by Michael Beer, Magnus Finnstrom and Derek Schrader

Find Mike here: